Christian Moms Top Reads For This Summer

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If you want to deepen your faith and grow spiritually this summer, we have a list of Christian books that we think you’ll love.

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We believe these Christian books will help you deepen your faith, grow spiritually, and find inspiration this summer. Whether you’re looking for practical advice on setting boundaries, guidance on prayer, or insights on the joy of gratitude, these books have something to offer. So, grab a book, find a quiet spot outside, and let these inspiring reads encourage and uplift you.

Recommended Christian Books

  1. God Knows – Lisa Whittle

God Knows - Lisa Whittle


Lisa Whittle is the author of nine books and several Bible studies, including Jesus Over Everything and The Hard Good. She is a sought-out Bible teacher for her wit and bold, bottom-line approach. She is the founder of two online communities: Ministry Strong for ministry leaders and Called Creatives for writers and speakers, and host of the popular Jesus Over Everything podcast. She’s a wife, mom, lover of laughter, good food, and the Bible, and a self-professed feisty work in progress.

In this book you will experience freedom by learning the difference between privacy and secrecy, Develop renewed belief in your abandoned dreams and goals, still known by God, Realign your idea of God’s omniscience being far away to how it daily affects you, Release your fears for the future as you develop a different outlook on tomorrow through God’s lens, and Learn how to deal with injustice in light of God’s knowledge of it.

     2. Jesus and Women – Niamh Middleton

Jesus and Women - Niamh Middleton


Dr Niamh M. Middleton is a former primary school teacher turned theology and philosophy lecturer. Her research interests are the religion/science controversies and the creation/evolution debate.

In this book, Niamh Middleton combines insights from evolutionary biology, feminism and the #MeToo movement to highlight the revolutionary attitude of Jesus towards women. Middleton’s bold approach encourages Christian women to reclaim their religion as a tool for empowerment, correcting the regressive course that Christianity has taken in this regard since Roman times.


   3. The Warrior We Call Mom by Deven Wallace

The Warrior We Call Mom by Deven Wallace

Deven Wallace and her husband, Kevin Wallace, copastor Redemption To The Nations Church, based in Chattanooga, TN. Deven is a regular speaker at conferences in the United States as well as Latin America. She is a licensed minister and a graduate of Lee University with a bachelor of arts in psychology. Deven is also the founder of The Zion Project, a ministry focused on restoring women and children, and Redemption Kids School of Ministry, a school dedicated to raising sons and daughters in a culture of His kingdom.

In this book, see the connection between spiritual warfare and your role as a mother in order for your kids to experience an awakening of their own. There is a spiritual war raging against the next generation. This book is a passionate call for moms to break out of the box of normal and dare to be led by the Spirit in their day-to-day parenting.

Spending the summer reading Christian books can be a valuable investment in our spiritual health, practical wisdom, sense of community, and example to our children. So, whether it’s diving into the Bible, exploring new topics, or revisiting old favorites, let’s make reading Christian books a priority this summer.



You Are More Than You’ve Been Told by Hosanna Wong















Grit Don’t Quit by Bianca Juarez Olthoff





























We’d love to hear what you are reading.  Share with us in the comments!

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