Rise and Shine, Mama! A Fun Morning Praise & Stretching Routine With Your Little One

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Are you ready to start your day with a dash of fun, a sprinkle of spirituality, and some quality bonding time with your little munchkin?  We have a fantastic idea for you—a morning stretching routine that you and your child can enjoy together. Get ready for giggles, flexibility, and a whole lot of love! Let’s dive in and make those stretchy moves a family affair.

Get ready for giggles, flexibility, and a whole lot of love! Let’s dive in and make those stretchy moves a family affair.

    1. Rise and Gratitude: Wake up your little one with a warm hug and a big smile. Take a moment to thank God for this special day and all the blessings you share. Stretch your arms wide and give each other a grateful squeeze. It’s going to be an awesome day!
    2. Shoulder Shake-It-Off: Stand facing each other and have a shoulder shimmy dance-off. Roll your shoulders forward and backward while wiggling your bodies. Let the laughter flow and shake off any sleepiness. Who can wiggle those shoulders the fastest? You or your little champ?
    3. Reach for the Sky-High Praise: Reach up high and give each other a high-five in the air! Stretch your arms toward the heavens and feel the energy building up. As you bring your hands together, say a little prayer, thanking God for the day and asking for His blessings on your family.
    4. Bend and Stretch Like Silly Jellyfish: Bend down and touch your toes, mama! Encourage your little one to do the same. Wiggle your bodies side to side, pretending to be silly jellyfish in the ocean. Let your child’s imagination run wild as you both enjoy the stretch and the giggles. Who knew stretching could be this much fun?
    5. Twist and Shout: Hold hands and twist your bodies from side to side, like a playful dance. Take turns leading the dance and encourage your child to choose their favorite moves. As you twist, talk about how God’s love is always with you, guiding your steps and filling your hearts with joy.
    6. Warrior Partners: Take a confident step forward with your right foot, bend your knee into a lunge, and raise your arms overhead like a victorious warrior. Embrace your strength and ask God to equip you for the day ahead. Hold it, mama—you’re a warrior in faith!
    7. Stillness and Serenity: Sit down cross-legged, close your eyes, and hold hands with your child. Take a deep breath together and find a moment of stillness. Remind each other of something you’re grateful for and offer a short prayer of thanks. Feel the peace and love flowing between you.

There you have it, super mom! A playful and loving morning stretching routine to share with your little one before you start your day. Embrace these precious moments of connection, laughter, and gratitude as you start your day together.

Remember, this morning stretching routine is about physical well-being and nurturing your spiritual connection with God. It’s a moment to center yourself, express gratitude, and seek His guidance for the day ahead.

So, rise and shine, mama!  May this activity bring you peace, joy, and a deeper connection with God and your little one.

Blessings and rejuvenating stretches,

Your fellow Mom


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