Learn Hebrew With Your Children

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As mothers, we strive to raise our children with a strong foundation in faith and values, providing them with the tools to understand and embrace their spiritual heritage. One beautiful way to deepen your family’s connection to Christianity is by learning the ancient language of Hebrew together. By studying Hebrew, you and your children can gain insights into the sacred texts, better comprehend the roots of our beliefs, and foster a profound appreciation for the cultural richness of our shared heritage.

The Importance of Hebrew in Understanding Christianity:

Hebrew is the language in which the Old Testament, or the Hebrew Bible, was originally written. It holds great significance as the language of God’s chosen people and the vehicle through which divine wisdom was transmitted to mankind. By learning Hebrew, we can better understand the nuances and original meanings of biblical passages, allowing us to gain a deeper understanding of God’s message.

Fostering a Stronger Bond with Your Children

Learning Hebrew as a family can be an incredibly bonding experience. It becomes a shared journey of discovery, exploration, and growth. As you explore the language’s unique characters, sounds, and grammar together, you’ll witness your children’s curiosity and excitement flourish. This shared pursuit of knowledge strengthens the familial bonds and lays the groundwork for open conversations about faith and spirituality.

Nurturing an Appreciation for Cultural Heritage

Hebrew is not just a language; it is a gateway to a rich cultural heritage. Learning Hebrew will expose your family to the history, traditions, and customs of the Jewish people. As we embrace this cultural heritage, we also come to recognize the intertwined histories of Judaism and Christianity, deepening our appreciation for the interconnectedness of our faiths.

Practical Tips for Learning Hebrew with Your Children:
  1. Start with the Basics: Begin with the Hebrew alphabet and simple words, gradually progressing to more complex phrases and sentences.
  2. Incorporate Playful Learning: Engage in games, songs, and interactive activities to make the learning process enjoyable and memorable for your children.
  3. Read Bible Stories in Hebrew: Use children’s Bibles with parallel Hebrew translations to read and compare the original verses with translations.
  4. Watch Hebrew Lessons Together: Utilize online resources, such as videos and interactive courses, designed specifically for children learning Hebrew.
  5. Regular Practice: Set aside dedicated time each week for family Hebrew sessions to reinforce what you’ve learned.
  6. Mention of Israel Bible Foundation Set


If you’re looking for a comprehensive and practical tool to aid you in your journey of learning Hebrew with your children, the Israel Bible Foundation Set is an excellent resource.

This set includes seven study sheets that cover essential aspects of the Hebrew language, making it accessible and fun for both parents and kids. From learning the alphabet to grasping fundamental phrases, the Israel Bible Foundation Set will enrich your family’s understanding of Hebrew and, in turn, deepen your appreciation for Christianity’s roots.

By delving into the language of our faith, you’ll not only strengthen your spiritual connection but also lay the groundwork for a legacy of faith and cultural appreciation.

Remember that it’s not just about the destination but the joy of learning and growing together as a family. Embrace this opportunity and let the beauty of Hebrew language and culture enrich your family’s spiritual journey. Shalom!

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