Tear Off The Roof

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What do you want Santa to bring you for Christmas? This is a question that I was asked every year in December. My very favorite gift was my Mrs. Beasley doll. When I pulled her string, she would talk to me! I still have Mrs. Beasley and the memories that are attached to her. Santa always brought the best gifts through the chimney. It was the most anticipated night of the year. I remember tearing off the paper as quickly as possible, just to get to what awaited me inside the box!!

My favorite gifts have me gasping for air!

As unforgettable as those surprises were, they are not the favorite ones I received. My children are my most valuable presents and they were gifted to me by my Heavenly Father. Since God entrusted me with 5 of His children, I am responsible for raising them in a way that glorifies Him. This is not always an easy task. As a mom, we have to ensure that our children are fed, clothed, educated, and safe at all times. This requires us to plan every meal, plan every outfit, help with every homework assignment, and transport kids to every appointment and extracurricular activity! Whew! That makes me tired just thinking about it!

Where is my support group?

Not only do we have to perform mom duties, but we also have to be a dedicated wife, daughter, friend, and employer. We have to teach our kids spiritually and show them what it means to love Jesus! Even the best of moms will become overwhelmed and stressed. It is inevitable! We need a support group that we can rely on for strength, advice, and prayers. We need those friends in our corner who will share our love for Jesus and who will draw us closer to Him. It is wise to include women who are older and more experienced at raising Godly children. Look for those women who exhibit the virtues of the Proverbs 31 woman.

Women! Grab your tools!

In Luke 5, there is a story about four faithful friends who took a paralyzed man to see Jesus. Since the house was crowded, they had to find a way to get their friend to Jesus. Their solution was to tear off the roof and lower his bed down to where Jesus was. When the friends saw the lack of space inside the house, they could easily have turned away. They could have found an excuse to not get their friend to Jesus. Instead, they were faithful–to their friend and to their Heavenly Father. They saw the importance of getting their friend in the presence of their Savior. They were determined to do whatever it took so that Jesus could heal the paralyzed man.

Ladies!! We need friends who will tear off the roof for us! We need those friends who will take our needs to Jesus, even when the way isn’t easy. We need those friends who are determined to take us into His presence!

More than that, we need to be that friend…the one who does whatever it takes to get our mom-friends in the presence of The Most High!

Prepare the way!

The Bible doesn’t elaborate on the relationship of the men carrying their paralytic friend. We don’t know if they were lifelong friends or if they had just recently met. The important part of the story is that they did what they had to do to get him in front of Jesus. Likewise, we must prepare the way for other moms. Be honest about your own struggles, as you share your experiences along the way. Luke 6 warns us about judging and condemning others…..especially the new mom, or the mom who may do things different from us. We are not to judge, but we are to lift each other up…..to the roof and into the presence of our Savior.

Being a mom is the most demanding, yet most fulfilling, job in the world. When things get tough, we need a friend group who is committed to taking our problems to Jesus in prayer. Communicate with them regularly and build trust so that you can rely on each other in time of need. Meet together. Pray together. Have fun together.

Christmas gifts do not compare to the gifts entrusted to us by our Heavenly Father. Our children are the greatest gifts that we are blessed with. But, being their mom isn’t always easy. It is vital that we are a part of a support group who will prepare the way, carry us through, and tear into that roof with just as much excitement as we tore into those gifts on Christmas morning!

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Christy Stokes

Christy Stokes is a mom blogger who loves to teach other moms how to raise Godly children. She and her husband have 5 grown children and 4 beautiful grandchildren.

Christy’s website includes inspirational blog posts, a free meal planning guide, and lots of helpful information on food, clothing, Christian entertainment, and family fun. She has also created a prayer guide for parents that is available in both digital and print formats.

Christy worked for more than 31 years in education and has her own tutoring business. She has led workshops and Bible studies on parenting and has spoken at conferences on raising Godly children.
Christy recently published her first children’s book in a series that has two more books coming out in August. These books are motivated by her grandchildren and their pet turkey, Stefanie.

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