10 Reasons to Buy the CSB Explorer Bible for Kids

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CSB Explorer Bible for Kids

The award-winning CSB Explorer Bible for Kids makes a perfect stocking stuffer (yes, we’re already talking about Christmas!) for any of the children in your life. This edition is specifically designed to guide kids through the questions they may have as they begin thinking about God. These are big, difficult questions that should be taken seriously, and the Explorer Bible for Kids treats their thoughts with the importance that they deserve. With this edition guiding them, kids can feel secure in their faith while exploring and wandering through God’s wonderful world.

Need more? Here are 10 reasons to buy the CSB Explorer Bible for Kids!

1. QR Codes for engaging videos

Found throughout the CSB Explorer Bible for Kids are QR codes that lead to relevant videos. It’s no surprise that many kids today learn better, and have a higher attention threshold, when watching videos. This edition aims to meet them where they are, allowing them to learn in the ways that are best for them!

2. Printable activity pages

Similarly, we also have activity pages so that kids can put what they’re learning into action. As adults, we often journal when we read as a way to connect what we are learning to something concrete. Children enjoy this learning trick as well! Coloring pages, word searches, puzzles, and more will have kids clamoring for more!

3. 5 badges for key passages

While the kids make their way through the Bible, they’ll see 5 unique badges that help them explore the Word of God even deeper. The “Excavating the Past” badge uses illustrations and real-world images to help connect the dots between important archaeological discoveries and the Bible. Meanwhile, the “Exploring Creation” badges flag facts and images connecting modern-day objects and things in the real world to God and the Bible. “Discovering the Truth” badges help kids understand the essential truths of the Bible and apply them to their lives. The “Character Field Guide”  badges are full of fun facts about important biblical characters such as Noah, Ruth, Mary, Thomas, and more. Lastly, the “Charting History” badge illustrates timelines to survey key time periods and events in biblical history. These badges are chock-full of information that kids will love to explore!

4. Key verses are highlighted

There are so many verses in the Bible – 31,102 to be exact! That’s a lot for anyone, but especially young people experiencing the Bible for themselves for the first time. That’s why the Explorer Bible for Kids highlights some of the key verses for them. We want to make sure they don’t miss out on the pieces of scripture that contain some of the main tenets of our faith (think John 3:16 or Romans 3:23). This way, the core aspects of the faith are front and center for them to consider.

5. Book introductions

For all 66 books, the Explorer Bible for Kids provides introductions so that children can understand the context of what they’re about to read. They’ll learn who wrote the book, to whom they were writing, the cultural context (current events, location, date of authorship, and date of events), and why the book was written. This information is paramount to engaging their curiosity and helping them understand the text.

6.  Christ in Context

As part of the introductions, they’ll also learn how the book points to Christ. By putting Christ in context, we are showing how books that seem so distant from Jesus are actually full of him! This allows them to look for Christ throughout the entire Bible, encouraging exploration as they read on.

7.  7 cover options

No matter your kiddo’s personality, there is a Bible with a cover for them. With seven covers to choose from, (two of which were released today!), the Explorer Bible for Kids is a Bible the kids will be proud to have on their nightstand and happy to show off in Sunday School!

8. Explorer glossary

There are some really hard words in the Bible! We don’t know how to pronounce them, and we don’t know what they mean. That’s why we’ve put together a glossary to help little explorers understand the words they are reading. No one wants to read a book they don’t understand, so we’ve made sure to remove that barrier!

9. Full-color pages and maps

To better engage with children, the Explorer Bible for Kids has full-color illustrations and maps throughout. These catch the eye of readers and next thing you know, they’re learning about the world around them and the world as it was known in the Bible.

10. Available for bulk purchasing

Maybe you’re in the care of many kids. Perhaps you’re a children’s minister, a teacher, or you just want to provide some Bibles for some kids. If so, you can get this award-winning edition at bulk prices, saving you some money and putting God’s Word in the hands of wondering children. Click here for more information!

So there you have it! 10 reasons to buy the CSB Explorer Bible for Kids. Grab your copy (or copies!) today and have your kids exploring the Bible tomorrow!


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