Arming our Youth with Five Stones to Fight a Giant

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If you are a mom of youth today, it can be a frightful thing. There are so many scary things you have to deal with. Peer pressure was a major factor years ago. It still is, but it has intensified. Now parents have to worry about drugs, online dangers, transgender bathrooms, transitioning our children without permission. The list goes on and on. Satan has many tools to destroy our children, and if one doesn’t work, you can be sure he has another one ready! It’s enough to just throw up our hands and yell, “I give up! I’m going to lock them in their room until they are thirty!” I assure you this will not work because Satan will only come in through the window.

Why has society changed so much in just the last few years? The answer is simple, we have kicked God out of our schools. Not only have we kicked him out of our schools. We teach them that sports are their God, it’s ok to miss church when you have a game. We can go when the schedule is clear.  He’s not even visible in many churches either.  Most youth groups are there to entertain our youth, not teach the biblical truths of God’s word.  I mean everyone needs to have fun. Right! They forget the mission to arm our students with what they need to face the challenges they must endure. Ephesians 6:10-18 warns us to put on the whole armor of God, so that we can stand against Satan’s lies.

 I’m sure you have heard the saying, “keep them busy and they will stay out of trouble!” Nothing could be further from the truth!  I’ve seen this play out many times. The results are, youth lose interest in church and stop attending, and of course parents aren’t going to make them come. They have to make their own choice, they will come back when they are older, parents’ reason. As our youth would say, “NOT!” My mom used to say, “No, you don’t have to go, but you are not going anywhere else either!” Somehow that got my attention, and me out of bed. Over the years I realized that firmness meant it was important.

Not only does Satan want our children’s soul, but he also wants their minds and their bodies. He whispers in their minds, “Did God really say that?” It started early in Genesis 3:1, Remember how he deceived Eve, and then Adam quickly followed?  Hey, and they walked and talked with God daily! Don’t think for one minute that your child can’t be influenced by the subtle tactics of Satan. Remember he was once an Angel. He knows their weaknesses, and yours and mine too. He is always waiting for that open opportunity.

My title to this blog is Arming our youth with five stones. Ask any child in a church group what is their favorite bible story, and many if not most, will say, “David and Goliath!” Why do you suppose that is? Because even though David was insignificant compared to the giant, he had faith in his God to overcome the giant. If David had not been taught the truth of God’s word, and not put on his invisible armor, he would not have been able to defeat the giant.

I am a children’s author. My vision is to help children make the right decisions in life. One wrong decision can destroy a child for life, and one right decision can change their future.

This blog post leads up to the book that I felt God leading me to write for such a time as this!  We may be able to guide our own children in the way they should go, even in this scary world. But what about those who aren’t getting Godly instruction, parental supervision, and the love they need in this upside-down world? Is there any hope for them?

The book THE CLOUD is about a teen who has given up on life and plans to end it all, while taking others with him who have caused him pain. A mysterious cloud follows him through his last day of school. Good and evil compete for his soul. It is up to a small youth group to change the course of this tragedy.  When called to pray for a prodigal of their choice, many choose Kevin.  They know nothing of his plans, but God does. THE CLOUD helps youth to see through the eyes of a hurting young man. It helps them to notice the signs of change in a student that may prevent a tragedy that could have been avoided.

Satan is helpless against five God stones! Prayer changes things!

About Mary Clark Dalton

I am a stay at home mom with two grown children, Brent and Amanda. I now have 4 amazing grandsons! I live in a small county in Virginia called Henry. I write stories for the modern day child who I believe have a more mature taste for books. I like to write about the things they face today, sometimes using animal characters. My first book is just that. “Rainbow’s Promise” is about a caterpillar that is the last in his class to receive his wings. He dreams of flying with the beautiful rainbow wings his father has promised will come in time. His mom tells him to be patient and use this time to do things only a caterpillar can do. “Rainbow’s Promise” has been given a 5 star must read rating from book review. The Rainbow series continues with Rainbow Learns to Fly, Rainbow Deals with Pride, and concludes with Rainbow Learns the Golden Rule. These books have wonderful life lessons for children to learn and enjoy at the same time. Follow Rainbow on his adventures!

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