Teaching Your Kids About Jesus’ Sacrifice

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Teaching Your Kids About Jesus' Sacrifice during Lent

Jesus’ love is the coolest story ever told, and our little ones deserve a front-row seat. Here are ideas to prompt some heartfelt conversations with your kids about Jesus’ sacrifice for us.


Story Time: Let’s kick things off with a classic – storytime. Share the tale of Jesus’ sacrifice in a way that resonates with your kiddos. Keep it straightforward, and relatable, and don’t hesitate to add a touch of drama (kids adore that, don’t they?). Consider acting it out or using props to make it engaging.


Crafty Jesus Moments: Kids love getting hands-on, so why not introduce some crafts? Create simple, enjoyable activities that help them visualize and comprehend Jesus’ sacrifice. Think crosses, heart-shaped symbols to make it a cool Jesus-themed craft day.


Movie Night Extravaganza: Who doesn’t enjoy a movie night? Select age-appropriate films that highlight Jesus’ journey and sacrifice, turning it into a cozy family affair complete with blankets and popcorn. Discuss the movie afterward. Let your kids share their thoughts and questions about the sacrificial themes in the film.


Prayerful Conversations: Take a moment in your daily routine to talk with your kids about Jesus’ love and sacrifice. Prompt them to share what love means to them and connect it back to Jesus’ sacrifice. Keep it light, open, and let them lead the conversation. You might be surprised by their insights.


Acts of Jesus Love: Demonstrate to your kiddos that love is more than just words, especially during Lent. Encourage them to perform small acts of kindness, mirroring Jesus’ love for others. Whether it’s sharing toys, helping a friend, or giving a warm hug, these simple acts reinforce the concept of love in action.


Jesus-themed Snack Attack: Why not turn snack time into a Jesus-themed adventure? Bake some loaves and fishes cookies or create a crown of thorns snack with pretzels. While enjoying these treats, casually discuss how they connect to Jesus’ love for us.


Teaching our kids about Jesus’ sacrifice doesn’t have to be a serious sit-down lecture. Let’s infuse it with love, fun, and creativity.

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