How to Find Peaceful Moments When Life is Anything But Quiet

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How to Find Peaceful Moments

We know firsthand how challenging it can be to find a moment of peace and quiet in the midst of our bustling lives. With kids running around, chores piling up, and endless to-do lists, it often feels like there’s no time to catch our breath. But fear not, because today we’re sharing some practical tips on how to find quiet time even when it seems impossible.

  1. Early Bird Gets the Peace: Rise and shine, mama! Waking up just a little earlier than the rest of the household can give you precious moments of solitude. Use this time to sip your coffee (while it’s still hot!), read a devotion, and soak in the quiet before the day officially begins.

  2. Naptime Sanctuary: When the little ones finally drift off for their midday nap, resist the temptation to dive straight into your to-do list. Instead, take advantage of this downtime to recharge your own batteries. Whether it’s a quick power nap, some quiet prayer time, or simply sitting in stillness, use this opportunity to refuel.

  3. Incorporate Scripture into Your Routine: As busy moms, we may not always have the luxury of sitting down for a lengthy Bible study session. But that doesn’t mean we can’t infuse our day with God’s Word. Consider keeping Bible verses handy throughout the house – on sticky notes, as phone wallpapers, or even as part of your daily planner. These little reminders can provide nuggets of spiritual nourishment throughout the day.

  4. Multitasking Moments: Let’s face it, multitasking is the name of the game for moms. But that doesn’t mean we can’t weave moments of quiet reflection into our daily activities. Whether you’re folding laundry, washing dishes, or going for a walk with the stroller, use this time to listen to an audiobook of the Bible or pray silently as you go about your tasks.

  5. Create Sacred Spaces: Designate a corner of your home as a sacred space for quiet reflection. It doesn’t have to be elaborate – just a cozy chair, a soft blanket, and perhaps a candle or two. Retreat to this space whenever you need a moment of respite from the chaos of daily life.

  6. Involve the Kids: Finding quiet time doesn’t always mean being alone. Get the kids involved in quiet activities like coloring, reading books, or doing puzzles, and use this time to engage in prayer or read a Bible story together. Not only does this teach them the importance of quiet reflection, but it also strengthens your bond as a family.

  7. Embrace Imperfection: Let’s be real – life as a mom is messy, chaotic, and anything but perfect. And that’s okay! Give yourself grace on those days when finding quiet time feels like an impossible feat. Remember that God meets us in the midst of our messiness and busyness, and His presence is with us always, whether we’re sitting in silence or chasing after toddlers.

And there you have it, mama – some practical tips on finding quiet time in the midst of life’s craziness. Remember, it’s not about finding the perfect quiet moment, but rather about carving out pockets of peace amidst the chaos. So take a deep breath, lean into God’s presence, and find solace in the midst of the noise. You’ve got this!

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