What Kids Know about God that Adults Forget

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To worship well, we need the eyes of a child.

“Unless we become like children, we cannot enter the kingdom of heaven” might be rendered, “If we don’t pay attention to how our kids connect and fail to connect with God on Sunday morning, we can be missing out on authentic worship”. It’s possible to miss the lessons they have for us even though Jesus was clear when he quoted David saying, “From the lips of children and infants you, Lord, have called forth your praise”.

What can we learn from a child’s view of God that is not burdened with adult agendas, assumptions or traditions? Their immediate awe and innocence reveal God and a way of connecting with God that isn’t limited by our schedules or explanations of the proper and acceptable way to approach Jesus.

We can’t see like a child sees without their help.

Guessing at this point about what children can perceive is presumptuous since Jesus declared that we as adults must be “converted” to become like children. This conversion comes from a perspective that only a child can provide. Our need for conversion is the reason we listen to their stories of worship with an ear to hear what the Spirit might say. What wisdom exists in the experience of a child at worship for those with open hearts to receive it!

When kids have a sense that what happens on Sunday morning is real, they stay, contribute and participate with joy. When young people don’t have that sense, they often leave the church and sometimes their faith in God.

Children may lack understanding of proper theology, but they can be creative and open to the Spirit without the fears and habits we’ve developed as adults. Click here to see how they can be included and receive compensation for sharing their ideas with leaders who need to know what children naturally intuit.

Invite your kids to find a vital place in ministry to the whole church.

Do you know children who are willing to share their own stories of worship at church, at home, and in the world? There is a listening team of adults waiting to receive insights from the stories of children devoted to God that can open pathways of worship for pastors and church leaders. The wisdom they share is one way for the Spirit to encourage and help us all recognize the greatness of God.

Even when they share times that worship becomes boring or confusing for them, we have something to learn.

Explore this platform for their insights and experience to be heard and published.

If you know of a child age 7-16 who has an opinion or observation about the value of and impact of worship, ask them to respond to these 6 brief questions. Submit their answers to the listening team who will select twelve stories to be developed by the children into visual storyboards and published. This book written by young people will be printed and posted online to help church leaders who design worship experiences in church for everyone.

To spread the lessons we can learn from children, selected original artwork with 3-sentence stories will be published in print and online as a resource for those who are searching for ways to design worship experiences that are authentic and meaningful. 

For their participation, contributors will receive $200 plus copies of the book with the work they have created. Click here for more information.

This program is made possible through a Vital Worship, Vital Preaching grant from the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship Grand Rapids, Michigan, with funds provided by Lilly Endowment, Inc.

Have your 7-16 year old share their worship experience for a chance to be published!
Picture of Rev. Dr. Ron King, LMFT

Rev. Dr. Ron King, LMFT

Grateful for the privilege of hearing incredible stories from ordinary experts through his experience as a pastor, family therapist, hospice chaplain, and spiritual director for both children and adults, Ron has a passion for making sure these stories are heard by people who want to know where God is showing up in the world. His decision to pursue this "Listen to the Kids" project comes from being blessed by the spiritual stories of his own children and grandchildren. Contact Pastor Ron: ron@sidebarstories.org

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