Celebrate Father’s Day with a Bible Written Just for Him

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Show the men in your ministry how to open the pages of God’s Word every day and become the men God wants them to be with the CSB Men’s Daily Bible.

Whether we’re ready for long summer days or not, June will be here before we know it! Soon, we’ll be trying to stay cool, trying to keep our kids entertained, trying to keep mosquitoes away, and, of course, trying to find a special way to celebrate Father’s Day.

Let’s face it: it can be hard to shop for the father figure in our lives. Once you’ve gifted ties, socks, World War II books, and golf accessories, what else is out there? Another gift card? A car wash? We’ve all been there—and that’s why we’re here to introduce you to something he can use and be shaped by every day: a Bible written just for him.

There are unique challenges to being a man, and like we know with our unique challenges of motherhood, that can feel lonely. Created by men and for men, the brand-new CSB Men’s Daily Bible takes men of all walks of life into the Word, inspiring them to be effective leaders, husbands, fathers, sons, and representatives of Christ. Day by day, they’ll be invited into a conversation with God and His Word and encouraged through it.

Guided by General Editor and best-selling author Robert Wolgemuth, alongside the wise council of his friends, this Bible is full of encouragement and useful tools:

  • 260 “Insight for the Day” devotionals to prepare men to face the day
  • Over 50 “Insight for Life” articles from respected pastors and Christian leaders, including Richard Blackaby, Ray Ortlund, the late R.C. Sproul, and more
  • 234 “Insight for the Moment” callouts providing concise and practical wisdom
  • 95 “Questions For Men” with answers for discussion
  • And so much more

Overall, it’s changing the way men experience God’s Word—and the way men experience God’s Word together. With these daily devotions, insights, articles, and more, it provides an easy pathway for men to discuss Scripture and what they’re learning from it. All they’ll need to do is grab their CSB Men’s Daily Bible, meet some friends for coffee, and open their Bibles together. Whether those relationships are among friends, small group members, or mentors and mentees, this is a Bible that men from all walks of life can turn to, day by day. We all need time in God’s Word, and we all need fellowship. This Bible uniquely fosters both, celebrating the bonds men forge.

It also speaks to the unique lived experiences of men. From marriage to work to parenting, the CSB Men’s Daily Bible helps men walk through life like Jesus would in whatever season they’re walking in. Each page is intentionally designed to help him encounter an extraordinary God in every part of his life. It’s a gift that speaks volumes as you let them know that you care for him and his spiritual well-being.

To make it even more special, you can easily add personalized imprinting to the front cover on select editions. And don’t forget to fill out the included presentation page so he’ll never forget this Father’s Day! Whether you’re celebrating a biological, adoptive, or spiritual father this year, or for someone who needs extra encouragement during Father’s Day, this Bible is a thoughtful, intentional way to help your husband, dad, mentor, or father-in-law walk through the finer points of fatherhood specifically and manhood generally.

Father’s Day is a chance to honor all the men who have encouraged and led those around them—and to encourage and lead them to turn to Scripture, day by day. What better way to do that than by gifting a Bible written just for him, by fathers like him? Find a CSB Men’s Daily Bible for the beloved father in your life below!


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